Emir Glassware was established in 1998, since that time the company has experienced unprecendented growth and success.  The main reason for the success of the company has been due to the high level of customer satisfaction which has enabled the company to increase its Portfolio of clients, in a very short period of time. Emir Glassware?s young, dynamic and professional team are at the forefront of innovation, style and scientific advances in glassware technology and design. Emir Glassware?s design?s are trendy, unique and functional at the same time.  Meticulous attention is given to design detail, perfection and product quality.  Emir Glassware products have the following finishes:  gold gilt painted, decal print, dip coated, hand decorated, spray painted.  We can also design products specifically to customer requirements. Emir Glassware products include the following: tea glasses, tall glasses, small tumblers, beer glasses, whisky glasses, wine glasses and goblets, liquer glasses, 12 piece tea sets, 7 piece water sets, 6 piece wine glass sets, 6 piece water sets, bowls, ice cream bowls, jars, jugs, ashtrays.  The list is continuosly being updated to reflect customer demands.